G3 Stroller Base Review (Orbit Baby)

G3 Stroller Base
What It Is

The Orbit Baby G3 Stroller Base is for use with the Orbit Baby G3 Stroller System. The stroller base is a sleek black frame that offers storage options and fits the Orbit Baby G3 Bassinet, Infant Car Seat, Toddler Car Seat, and Stroller Car Seat. Each of these seats are sold separately. The G3 stroller base has a patented QuadShock front-stroller suspension to tackle city sidewalks. The rear tires are rubber no-pump tires, which means no flats and no deflating but also ensure a comfortable ride for your child. The fold on this stroller is an easy one-fold, but you do have to detach the seat from the stroller base. The brakes are a nice detail not to be overlooked. Red for stop and green for go allows you to wear your fanciest shoes or flip flops for a no-scuff brake system. Handles raise and lower to accommodate various heights and the wide base keep this stroller grounded and allows for maneuvering with ease. The stroller base is by no means compact but it will help provide a comfortable ride for baby. Additionally, once folded, this stroller takes up a significant amount of space in the trunk of the car especially since this is a two-part fold with the seat detaching. The Orbit G3 Stroller allows parents to dock the seat into the stroller and rotate the baby a full 360 degrees. This way baby can face sideways while at the museum to take in all the great art or even chat with a companion as they stroll without having to strain baby's neck. The design details are none to be overlooked either as this is one stroller that will certainly turn heads.

Why Is It Useful?

This is a luxury stroller and no detail is spared when it comes to the comfort of the child. The stroller handles rocky roads fairly well and keeps the child at a great height above the road for safety and engaging with the caregiver pushing the stroller.

Who It’s For

The Orbit G3 Stroller Base is for ages birth up to the maximum weight rating for the seat in use.

What To Be Aware Of

The Orbit G3 Stroller Base is available in black and gray and is for use with the Orbit Baby G3 Stroller System, but can also be used with Orbit Generation One and G2 seats. All additional seats and accessories are sold separately.

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