G3 Toddler Car Seat Review Review (Orbit Baby)

G3 Toddler Car Seat Review
What It Is

The Orbit G3 Toddler Car Seat is the world's first convertible car seat that transitions from car to the Orbit G3 stroller base to make a full stroller. This toddler car seat uses all BFR-free materials. It has Smart Safe Technology that includes a QR code for access to instructional manuals on the go. The upholstery is easy to wipe clean and features an adjustable headrest with impact-absorbing side wings. This toddler car seat fits into the Orbit G3 car seat base. This toddler car seat is for use specifically with the Orbit G3 stroller system so purchasing this as a individual toddler car seat might not make a lot of sense although it is a good toddler car seat in its own. The car seat base allows the parent to get the child in and out of the car by rotating the car seat toward them.

Why Is It Useful?

When used with the G3 stroller base this becomes a convenient way to travel with a young child. This car seat is really designed to accommodate maximum rear facing usage up to 35 pounds.

Who It’s For

The Orbit G3 Toddler Car Seat is for use with kids from 15-65 pounds and for use with the Orbit G3 Stroller System and Car Seat Base rear and forward facing.

What To Be Aware Of

The Orbit G3 Stroller and Car Seat Base are each sold separately.

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