Sherpa Safety Suite Pet Carrier Review (Quaker Pet Group)

Sherpa Safety Suite Pet Carrier
What It Is

The Sherpa Safety Suite is a travel accessory that can be secured in the back seat of your car. Simply attach the sides straps and center strap to any soft-sided carrier for a safe ride for you and your small dog or cat.

Why Is It Useful?

Some pets do not travel well in the car. Although pet carriers seem like the answer, they can be tossed around the vehicle in case of a sudden stop or swerve. The Sherpa Safety Suite keeps the carrier in place providing a safe and secure ride for you and your pet. This makes driving safer for everyone. Distracted driving increases your chances for an accident.

Who It’s For

The Sherpa Safety Suite is for small dogs and most cats.

What To Be Aware Of

The Sherpa Safety Suite can be used in cars made after 2004. The reason is it uses the same LATCH hook system, which is designed to anchor a baby's car seat. Quaker Pet Group says that the Safety Suite will accommodate most soft-sided carriers.

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