Prank Star Farting Bubble Blaster Review (Fashion Accessory Bazaar)

Prank Star Farting Bubble Blaster
What It Is

What toy is more classic and sweet than bubbles, right? If you believe THAT, then we've got a surprise for you. The Fart Bubble Blaster from Prank Star looks like a traditional bubble blaster, but get ready for a surprise. Attach the bottle of bubble fluid, pull the trigger, and let it rip...pun intended. The bubbles fly out, accompanied by the most hilarious fart sounds. For any kids who like their classic play with a little gross out twist, this is just the thing. Oh, and the bubbles that come with the blaster do have a scent...cherry. But wait, there's more because if you want to go all out with the gross out, you can get fart-scented bubbles. Of course, this is going to drive parents bonkers, but kids (and more than few of this) think this is the height of gross out comedy. Use it outdoors.

Is It Fun?

Face it: farts are funny, and farts with bubbles are even funnier. The dichotomy between classic bubble play and gross out play is unexpected, which adds to the silliness.

Who It’s For

This is age graded for ages 3 and up, but anyone who enjoys fart humor (We know you're out there!) is going to have a blast with this. It will probably wear thin with parents and certain adults pretty quickly, but that's part of the fun as well.

What To Be Aware Of

Obviously, this is an outdoor toy. The cherry smell is very strong in the bubbles--another reason to play outdoors.

The bubble fluid doesn't stain, and it's easy to clean up, on the off chance that you do play with it indoors, which isnt' recommended.

The batteries are not included.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 AAA batteries required