LEGO Ninjago Shadow of Ronin Review (Warner Bros. Games)

LEGO Ninjago Shadow of Ronin
What It Is

LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin from Warner Bros. Games is an all-new LEGO Ninjago video game. It is an action-adventure story that features characters and settings from the popular animated series, LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu.

The game's story revolves around a new villain, named Ronin, and his army of dark samurai. Ronin steals the Ninja's memories using a weapon called the Obsidian Glave, and players will battle through the game as the ninjas to recover those memories. Players can switch between the ninjas including Kai, Zane, Cole, and Jay as they battle foes while exploring a mysterious new island and visiting familiar locations.

Is It Fun?

Shadow of Ronin is classic LEGO video game play with all the humor that the games are known for. It's non-stop ninja action with the smash-and-build LEGO elements that kids love.

Who It’s For

The game is rated E 10+ for the cartoon violence and comic mischief, which is the same as you would find in the animated series. Shadow of Ronin is perfect for fans of the animated series, and kids as young as 6 should be able to play it on their own, without getting frustrated.

What To Be Aware Of

In addition to the classic LEGO game-play style, there are also vehicle-based levels, where players play as a character in a vehicle. These rail-based levels feature fast-paced battles on non-stop vehicles.

Shadow of Ronin is available for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita

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  • LEGO Ninjago Shadow of Ronin from Warner Bros. Games
  • Part of the LEGO Ninjago brand
  • Rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and up
  • Available on: Nintendo 3DSPlaystation Vita
  • Available March 24, 2015