Trivial Pursuit: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Quick Play Collector's Edition Review (USAopoly)

Trivial Pursuit: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Quick Play Collector's Edition
What It Is

This is the classic game Trivial Pursuit in a special interest version for fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas. It's called a "quick play edition," which means there's no board. The directions are pretty complicated on a first reading, but it boils down to this: roll the die to pick a category, answer two consecutive questions correctly, and keep a card. The first player to collect six cards wins.

There are 420 questions in the deck, and we were quite surprised by the level of minutiae in the questions. In fact, some of them are so detailed that it's hard to imagine anyone who isn't completely obsessed with the game to the point of pathology actually knowing the answers. From production details to the color of clothes on secondary characters in tertiary scenes, these are just not things a casual fan of the movie would know.

The collectors' coffin-shaped box is cool, and the design of the cards is great, so people will probably buy this for friends who like the movie, but as a game, it's very frustrating.

Is It Fun?

The problem with a lot of trivia games, particularly special interest trivia games, is that you either know the answers or you don't. Even for people who consider themselves fans of the movie, the number of the questions in this game we just didn't know was surprising. When you go into a game and quickly learn you have no chance of winning, it's not going to be a lot of fun.

Who It’s For

This is for fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas ages 12 and up. But not just ANY fans. This is for serious fans who have studied the movie down to the tiniest detail.

What To Be Aware Of

As we've said above, the level of detail in the questions is so high and the questions so obscure that this isn't going to be fun for many people.

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