Da Bird Review (Go Cat)

Da Bird
What It Is

Da Bird is a teaser-type cat wand consisting of a wand that comes in two pull-apart pieces that join to form one 36-inch wand, while the string and toy measure 43 inches together. The feather is attached to the string by a metal clip and is removable.

Is It Fun?

Like other cat-teaser wands, this toy encourages cats to get exercise by chasing, jumping, batting, and pouncing. Da Bird is the type of toy that really encourages a cat's natural instinct to hunt. The feather attachment looks much more like a real bird than many other feathered cat toys. And if you wave the wand particularly fast, the larger feathers make a sound as they whip through the air like real bird wings. It is sure to grab your cat's attention.

Who It’s For

Da Bird is for cats that do not play rough with their toys.

What To Be Aware Of

Always supervise your pet while playing, but especially with this item. The reason for the two-piece wand is for easier storage, however, the wand is quite flimsy and the two-piece design makes it even flimsier. While this is not an expensive toy, the the flimsiness of it makes it a less than great value. This is not recommended for a larger cat or any kitten that plays particularly rough.

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