Zoink! Laser Fun 'N Run Review (Sergeant's Pet Care Products)

Zoink! Laser Fun 'N Run
What It Is

The Zoink! Laser Fun 'N Run is a green metal laser pointer with a paw print shape on the end. It also features a removable carabiner clip. The Zoink! laser pointer requires three button cell batteries, which are included, along with an extra set of replacement batteries. The laser pointer is operated by pressing and holding the button down and releasing to turn off. This laser pointer is marketed for both cats and dogs.

Is It Fun?

We personally haven't tested this on any dogs, but we will say that cats go wild for laser pointers. Point the beam of light and watch your cat chase it down. It is guaranteed entertainment for pet and owner alike. It will also get your cat moving around for much needed exercise. This is especially important for indoor cats.

Who It’s For

Zoinks! Laser Fun 'N Run is for pets who are responsive to laser pointers.

What To Be Aware Of

One thing to be aware of is that the front of the laser pointer does unscrew and can become loose, so just make sure that it is on tight. Another issue was the battery cover was a bit difficult to screw back into place. However, once it was screwed back in place, it was very secure. Remember to always use caution with laser pointers and to be sure to avoid to shining them in the face or eyes of people or pets.

  • Pet Fun

  • People Fun

  • Value