Silly Rabbit Confetti Eggs Review (Silly Rabbit LLC)

Silly Rabbit Confetti Eggs
What It Is

With Silly Rabbit Confetti Eggs, you can add a new tradition to your Easter celebration. Silly Rabbit Confetti Eggs are hollowed-out eggs filled with confetti that you throw or crush over someone's head to release the confetti. There are 12 confetti eggs in different bright colors inside an egg carton. The Silly Rabbit Confetti Eggs are made using real eggshells and have colored tissue paper on the bottom to keep the confetti inside until you're ready to crush them.

The confetti eggs tradition has roots in Mexico and other Latin American countries, and the name of the eggs, "cascaron," means "eggshells" in Spanish. According to tradition, having a confetti egg broken over your head is said to bring good luck.

Is It Fun?

If you're looking for a new egg-themed tradition to add to your Easter festivities, then these confetti eggs may be just the thing. Kids will love crushing the eggs and throwing the confetti around. Some families who already do the confetti eggs tradition may like to make their own confetti eggs, but the process can be time-consuming and difficult, so purchasing the pre-made eggs is an easier way for families to partake in the tradition.

Who It’s For

Silly Rabbit Confetti Eggs are for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

These eggs are very fragile, and one of ours was already broken when we opened the egg carton.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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