Mickey's Magical Math World Review (Disney Publishing Worldwide)

Mickey's Magical Math World
What It Is

Mickey's Magical Math World is a free educational iPad app, part of Disney Publishing Worldwide's new Disney Imagicademy initiative which aims to make learning fun through apps, books, and toys. In Mickey's Magical Math World, five games and activities immerse children in key math skills, such as counting, sorting, adding, subtracting, shapes, and problem-solving. Kids can build, fly, and repair rockets with Mickey and Minnie while exploring early geometry and number concepts. Kids practice counting with Minnie as they design, nurture, and train baby robots. They will also write numbers in the sand, and help the robots build sandcastles. In the third activity, kids use a number line as a guide to launch aliens at the sleeping Donald Duck, learning about counting forward and backward; counting by twos, fives, and 10s; and exploring "more than" and "less than" relationships. Kids help the sleepwalking alien guests at Daisy's bed and breakfast get back to bed safely by using logic and reasoning skills to remove obstacles, send objects to the recycling room, and collect sheep. And with Goofy, kids help sort and classify recycled space jelly to fill and launch alien jetpacks. They can also test their memories to make space smoothies and create fun fashions for the aliens. As kids play, they earn different pins for completing the activities.

A Parents section in the app, accessed by entering a year of birth and then signing into the parent account, provides offline activity ideas and information on the child's in-app activity. Parents can send their child a digital high-five when the child earns a pin and share that information with friends and family on social media networks. Parents can also add multiple child profiles and edit them from this section. For access to the information for Mickey's Magical Math World and future Disney Imagicademy apps all in one place, parents can download the free Disney Imagicademy Parents app to their preferred iOS device.

Is It Fun?

Young Disney fans will love all the different ways to play with favorite characters in this app. It helps kids explore, create, and discover while practicing key math and logic concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Who It’s For

Mickey's Magical Math World is for ages 3-8.

What To Be Aware Of

While the app is free, you'll need to unlock additional content in each of the five games through in-app purchases of $4.99 per game or for $19.99 for the five-game bundle. If you don't want your child making in-app purchases, you'll need to adjust your device's settings.

This app is compatible with iPad Generation 3 or greater running iOS 6.0 or higher.

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