On The Go Baby Food Pouches Starter Pack Review (Cherub Baby Australia)

On The Go Baby Food Pouches Starter Pack
What It Is

The Cherub Baby On The Go Food Pouches starter pack and spoon are reusable baby food pouches, which are portable, easy to store, freeze, warm, and take on-the-go. These pouches are for homemade baby food and parents can make a large amount, fill up these pouches, store them in the freezer, and grab one out when it's feeding time. A color-change spoon, which attaches to the spout, changes color if the food is too hot. These pouches are self standing when filled, BPA free, leak proof, and pre-sterilized. Additionally a label system is printed on the pouch so parents can date and label the food. This starter pack includes 10 pouches, which are ready to use straight from the box and can be used repeatedly, simply hand wash with warm soapy water.

Why Is It Useful?

These pouches are very useful for making large batches of homemade baby food and travel easily. Additionally the temperature color-change spoon is a nice safety feature.

Who It’s For

The On The Go Food Pouches are for use with babies 6 months and above.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional pouch packs and spoons are available and sold separately.

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