SuperCat Plush Yetis Review (Quaker Pet Group)

SuperCat Plush Yetis
What It Is

The SuperCat Plush Yetis are stuffed toys shaped like adorable yetis. However, what makes this special is the included bottle of catnip spray.

Is It Fun?

These toys will literally have your cat rolling in joy. This spray might smell a little funny to humans, but cats will go absolutely wild for the catnip scent. The great part is, the spray can be used on just about anything, such as other toys or scratching posts. The SuperCat catnip spray is made with microencapsulation, which releases the scent as it is scratched, making it long-lasting for extended play. The plush toys hold the scent of the spray really well and are perfect for your cat to bat, swat, and kick. It's hard to say who will get a bigger kick out of this toy--cats, or their owners watching their cats go crazy from this stuff.

Who It’s For

SuperCat Plush Yetis are for cats who enjoy catnip.

What To Be Aware Of

SuperCat Plush Yetis come with catnip spray, which may smell funny to humans.

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  • People Fun

  • Value