MyBuckleMate Review (MyBuckleMate)

What It Is

MyBuckleMate is an accessory that helps secure car seat belt buckles to assist in quick seat belt securing. If you have a floppy back seat buckle, the MyBuckleMate helps it stand straight up so kids don't have to fumble while trying to get their seat belts latched. The MyBuckleMate slides around on each side of the buckle to click into place. MyBuckleMate comes in various colors to match your car's interior. Each is sold separately. Keep in mind, this product does not work with all cars (because not all cars have floppy seat belt buckles), so check the MyBuckleMate website to see if your car is compatible.

Why Is It Useful?

This product helps kids buckle their seat belts without fumbling around with a floppy seat buckle.

Who It’s For

The MyBuckleMate is for use in cars.

What To Be Aware Of

We had some glitches with the MyBuckleMate. The MyBuckleMate says that it can accommodate three booster seats or car seats across the back seat of the car but we didn't find this to be possible in some cars. Additionally, some cars such as a Volvo, already have buckles that stay straight up so you don't need this. And, some cars don't accommodate this at all due to how the buckle is structured in the car. Check the MyBuckleMate website to see if your car is compatible with this product. 

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    Medium Difficulty