Best Fiends Review (The Bridge Direct)

Best Fiends
What It Is

Best Fiends from Seriously is a line-matching, puzzle game with a cast of cute critters known as the Fiends. The game-play involves creating chains by drawing a line that connects three or more of the same object. Those objects correspond to a Fiend and drawing a line through the objects results in the Fiend's launching an attack at some evil slugs. Each level has a set of goals, such as defeating a set number of slugs and gathering a certain number of the Fiend objects. Successfully accomplish all the goals and you move onto the next level, but you have a set number of moves to do it in. In addition to the attacks, Fiends also have special powers that help you increase the number of objects you can connect or throw at the slugs.

Is It Fun?

While playing, you are rewarded with items that can be used to upgrade and evolve the Fiends, their attacks and powers. This adds an interesting strategy element to the game as you have to decide how best to spend your limited items for upgrades.

The fiends change appearance as they evolve, which also adds a fun collectability factor to the game.

Who It’s For

Best Fiends is for casual game fans. It's appropriate for kids ages 4 and up and adults will love it also.

What To Be Aware Of

The game is free to play with in app purchases. Those purchases range from buying more upgrade items to spending .99 on extra moves when you run out before completing a level. The game launched exclusively for iOS devices and requires iOS 7.0 or later.

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