Roominate 3-in-1 Helicopter Review (Roominate)

Roominate 3-in-1 Helicopter
What It Is

Roominate continues to hone in on the play patterns girls are already drawn toward with the introduction of its 3-in-1 Helicopter building set. With this 44-piece set, girls can create one of three different vehicles: a helicopter, a submarine, or an airplane. Kids will use the included battery pack, mini screwdriver, and circuit wires to make moving helicopter and airplane wings or a submarine motor. Once built, press the button to activate the moving feature.

Roominate has also added dolls to the line. This set comes with one Bettina doll and a pet bunny to go along for the ride.

Is It Fun?

We continue to be impressed with the innovation being delivered through Roominate sets. We like how it taps into the play patterns girls already love (crafts and doll play) to aid in the development of critical spatial and problem solving skills. We would, however, like to see further expansions to the circuits aside from the simple push button feature.

Who It’s For

Roominate was created for girls ages 6 and up. But while the line was designed primarily for girls, there's no reason why boys won't enjoy the play, too. In fact, we think it's ideal for cooperative play, mixing ages and genders.

What To Be Aware Of

While you are building an airplane or helicopter with this set, we found the pieces when lifted off your building surface don't stay together very well. Thus, it's best suited for on-the-ground imaginative play.

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