America's Vet Dogs Camo Moppet Dog Review (Ethical Pets)

America's Vet Dogs Camo Moppet Dog
What It Is

The America's Vet Dogs Camo collection includes a variety of dog toys with camo patterns, such as the Double Knot Rope, Tennis Ball Tugger, and Moppet Dog. Each is sold separately. The Double Knot Rope is a 19-inch rope with knotted ends that can be used as a tug toy. The Tennis Ball Tugger is 14 inches long with a handle at one end for the pet parent and a tennis ball at the other for your dog. The Moppet Dog is a 12.5-inch floppy dog covered in camo-colored ballistic nylon. These are all durable toys that double as fetch toys.

Is It Fun?

These durable toys have a cool camo look and are fun for your dogs to play with. Plus, you're supporting America's Vet Dogs K-9 Corps with each purchase.

Who It’s For

The America's Vet Dogs Camo Moppet Dog is for dogs of all sizes.

What To Be Aware Of

For each purchase, a donation will be made to the America's Vet Dog K-9 Corps, a non-profit organization founded by the Guide Dog Foundation that trains assistance dogs for disabled veterans. Some are guide dogs for the blind; others are service dogs for veterans with disabilities.

  • Pet Fun

  • People Fun

  • Value