Fetchbee Review (Real Innovators)

What It Is

The Fetchbee is a flying disc fetch toy made from a durable, flexible plastic that won't crack or break into pieces when your dog chomps into it as other discs tend to do. That could save you from what might be an ugly, bloody, drooly mess. The disc is designed with three clip-on slots, which are to be used with the included ergonomic launching arm. The Fetchbee arm helps you throw the disc straighter and farther, prevents you from having to bend over to pick up the disc, and keeps your hands free from slobber.

Is It Fun?

It's very easy to throw this disc using the Fetchbee arm. We got it on the first throw. Throwing an ordinary disc can be tricky, and younger pet parents can get discouraged easily, but we don't think that will be the case with Fetchbee. And because it takes less of a toll on puppy parents, a game of fetch with your dog can go on and on and on.

Who It’s For

Fetchbee is great for any size dog that likes to play fetch.

What To Be Aware Of

The instructions suggest using the gray clip on the slot for beginners. By using this slot, it allows you to control the distance and accuracy, making it really fun for younger pet parents.

Only use the Fetchbee in open areas. This is not an in-the-house toy. It's also not a chew toy.

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