Disney Pictopia Review (Wonder Forge)

Disney Pictopia
What It Is

Pictopia from Wonder Forge is a family game that combines cooperation and competition with Disney trivia and what you know about the other players. But even if you don't know a lot of Disney trivia, it's still easy enough to play. To set up the board, have all players pick a colored piece, matching answer dial, and wager coins numbered 1-5. One player will be the host of each turn.

The host rolls the die and moves his or her marker as many spaces as indicated by the die. The spaces determine the question to be asked. Except for individual or "spotlight" questions, all the answers are multiple choice. So you'll get a Pick One, in which you must get one correct answer, Pick Two, or Pick Three. In these questions, all players except the host try to answer the question correctly. Land on Solo Pick 1, and all players must use their answer dials to give an answer. Land on a Spotlight question and the goal is to get what the host of that turn thinks. On each turn, each player wagers individually on whether they'll get the question right or not. If they do, they move ahead that many spaces. If you get it wrong, you don't move. All the wager coins are discarded at the end of each turn, and after all the wager coins have been discarded (five turns) all players start again with a full set. To win, you need to land on a castle space and answer a Solo Pick One question. If you're correct, you win. (There can be more than one winner.) If you're wrong, back you go until you can try again.

Is It Fun?

We like how the elegant gameplay of Pictopia keeps all players engaged on every turn, even the host.

In this game, an intelligent guess can often be the right guess, so you don't have to be an expert like many trivia games that can leave players frustrated. But for diehard Disney fans, there are characters from movies (Yes, Frozen is included!), TV, and even fixtures of Disney theme parks. Overall, this is the kind of game that inspires great interaction among players, which is one of the best aspects of a family board game.

Who It’s For

Pictopia is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

There's also a free app that you can use to play the game, play a mobile version, or purchase new sets of cards if you go through the 1,000 questions that come with the game.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy