LeapPad XDi Ultra Review (LeapFrog)

LeapPad XDi Ultra
What It Is

The LeapPad XDi Ultra builds on the success of LeapFrog's LeapPad Ultra with a new casing and updated pink and green color options. It features a large seven-inch touch screen at a resolution of 1024x600 pixels. The comparable LeapPad 3 features a 480x272 resolution. The touch-screen responds best when used with its teethered stylus, which stores in the case, but fingers are also encouraged. The tablet holds a longer charge than other LeapPad devices, running up to nine hours, with a memory capacity of 8 GB, and Wi-Fi capabilities. Using the super-safe Wi-Fi, kids can now interact and play with one another from different devices synced to the same local network. In addition, the Wi-Fi-ready device allows parents to more readily access and purchase new downloadable content-perfect for use on-the go and ensuring the content grows with a child. Kids can safely search the web using the built-in LeapSearch browser powered by Zui, which limits kids access to controlled age-appropriate content including images, videos, and websites. And parents can further control their child's access to content and limit their screen time using the parental controls. The device also comes fully loaded with dozens of apps to entertain and engage. Plenty of features are just like mom's and dad's tablet, such as a calendar, music, photos, eBooks, and games to give the device a grown-up feel. But all are created with a kid-focused twist to make them age-appropriate. For example, eBooks feature popular characters to aid reading skills, such as Disney's Frozen, while music includes built-in Learning Songs. Additional ultra enhanced games include Art Studio, Pet, Pet Chat, and more. Parents, if they so choose, can follow their child's progress by connecting to the LeapPad Learning Path.

Is It Fun?

There aren't any new "ultra" features that differ from the original LeapPad Ultra but for those looking for a slightly more feature-rich experience than the LeapPad 3, the LeapPad XDI Ultra engages kids in experiences that cover all the bases: language development, reading readiness, creativity, and more. And for kids, anything that makes them feel more grown up is a win-win.

Who It’s For

LeapPad XDi Ultra is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

In order to chat with a friend's or sibling's pet through the Pet Chat app, your child's friend or sibling will need to have his or her own LeapPad Ultra and be in the same room as your child. The same is required for games for the multiplayer option to work.

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