Graphic Skinz Design Studio Review (MEGA Brands)

Graphic Skinz Design Studio
What It Is

With the Graphic Skinz Design Studio from MEGA Brands, kids can use the special super suction vacuum chamber and Graphic Skinz transfer sheets to customize and "skin" any of the included 3-D objects or their own items.

At first look, the set up looks a bit complicated but it's the complete opposite. Set up the vacuum chamber by following the instruction guide. Quickly snap the pieces into place and make sure the hose is well connected to the vacuum bag. Next, choose from any of the included model pieces to create one of three miniature models: a small flower box, a butterfly, or a seahorse. Then, select some Skinz transfers. The instructions suggest cutting off the white border first, however, depending on what you are making, it may not be necessary. Remove the clear plastic protector and cut the Skinz to fit the model piece. Place the included sponge in a bowl or mug of cold water until it's saturated. Wring out any excess water and wrap the sponge around the model piece or whatever you are skinning. Place it in the vacuum chamber and close the lid. Then, hold down the button to start up the vacuum chamber and suck out all the air and water. It will take about 20 seconds depending on the size of the object. You'll know it's ready when the motor slows and the vacuum bag stops shrinking. Wait another 10 seconds before opening the chamber. Slide out the sponge and remove it as well as the paper backing from around your model. The model piece may still be a bit wet so take the opportunity to use the sponge detailer to smooth out any edges and lines on the transferred skin. Once you are done, you are ready to Skin again. Eventually, you'll be able to snap all the model pieces together to show off a customized "skinned" design.

The kit comes with 30 Skinz transfer sheets to start skinning, but additional styles will be available and sold separately.

Is It Fun?

There is a learning curve to figuring out how best to wrap the Skinz around your items, but once you get it the designing/skinning potential is endless. We had the most fun moving beyond what was included in the kit to personalize cellphone cases and more. And because kids' styles and interests are constantly changing, kids can skin the same item over and over again so there is a lot of repeat play value.

Who It’s For

The Graphic Skinz Design Studio is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Make sure the sponge doesn't block the hose opening connect to the chamber. This will prevent the air and water from being sucked out from the chamber.

If you want to create a patchwork effect with different layers of skinz, apply them one at a time in the Skinz Design chamber. You cannot apply multiples at once because of the paper backings.

You'll need to empty out the water reservoir on the back of the machine a lot. It fills up quickly. We emptied ours after almost every use for the best skinning results.

Do not skin any items that are electronic or battery-powered.

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    4 AA batteries required