SkratchKabin Standard Review (Brinsea Products)

SkratchKabin Standard
What It Is

The SkratchKabin is a useful piece of cat furniture that is a two-in-one bed and scratching post. It's made out of super sturdy plastic, covered in carpet for scratching and available in three different colors. Inside is a removable, washable KatKushion. The KatKushion is slightly oversized, however, and doesn't lay flat inside the SkratchKabin. The back of the cushion ends up having to be folded up against the back wall. The SkratchKabin also comes with a removable toy hanger and a sisal mouse toy that can be tied onto the hanger for kitty to bat at or used as a stand-alone toy. Although this product is compact, it is incredibly sturdy.

Is It Fun?

The wide, tubular scratching surface allows cats to scratch from different angles and positions than a traditional post-style scratcher.

Who It’s For

At 20-inches long, 13-inches high and 16-inches wide, the SkratchKabin is a great option for cat furniture if you are short on space as it both provides a bed and a fairly large surface for scratching without taking up very much room.

What To Be Aware Of

The KatKushion is slightly oversized and doesn't lay flat inside the SkratchKabin.

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  • Is It Worth It?

  • Assembly & Instructions

    Medium Difficulty