Little Scholar Learning Adventure Tablet Review (School Zone)

Little Scholar Learning Adventure Tablet
What It Is

The Little Scholar Learning Adventure Tablet from School Zone is an adapted lexibook tablet loaded with more than 150 apps, videos, books, and songs. Essentially, the company has redesigned all its workbooks and educational materials for tablet-use and loaded them up on this device. In addition, School Zone has produced its own videos with original music to make use of the tablet's capabilities.

The curricula cover three grades: pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade. The material is pedagogically sound and engages kids with age-appropriate math, reading, spelling-taking them from readiness to reading.

To begin using, parents can set it up and control which apps they want their child to use. Parents can also, if they so choose, monitor their child's progress. There are no ads in the apps, and these are all full versions. There are also no promotions for in-app purchases. It really is a closed educational environment. There is also a special password-protected parents' area where you can turn on the Wi-Fi, but internet connectivity is not required to run any of the programs.

The tablet also comes preloaded with Charlie & Company, a new, interactive, educational video series with live action and animation. It stars Charlie the Golden Retriever and his best friend, Miss Ellie, who take kids along with them on their educational adventures. The show also features performances and original music by Brian Vander Ark of The Verve Pipe.

Additional features include a seven-hour battery life, eight-inch responsive touch screen, and one mega-pixel rear-facing webcam.

Is It Fun?

For parents looking for a real tablet with good software for younger kids, the Little Scholar Learning Adventure Tablet may be a good and worthwhile value-and one that when properly set up can be safe and worry-free. The apps engage kids in the kinds of activities that they already like to do and couple them with a design interface that is clear, simple, and focused.

One downfall fall, however, is that while the tablet runs on an Android platform, this is not really a fully functioning Android tablet. Because you are restricted to the content in the special School Zone store, you may not get much use out of it once your child grows out of the included software.

Who It’s For

The Little Scholar Learning Adventure Tablet is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

If the processor seems slow for adult use, it works fine for kids.

You do not have access to Google Play or the Amazon App Store. The apps you can add are restricted to what's in the special School Zone store. This also means no registration or credit card information is required for set-up.

There is no web browser but going through the parent section we were able to get online and go almost anywhere on the web. Be sure to set a strong password for this section to prevent your child's access to any potentially inappropriate content.

According to the company, the pre-loaded content is valued at $400.

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