Ice Cream Science Review (Scientific Explorer)

Ice Cream Science
What It Is

Ice Cream Science lets kids make their own ice cream while also introducing them to the chemistry behind it. The kit comes with six plastic bags, a measuring spoon, an ice cream dish, a measuring cup, two pipettes, a one-ounce bag of rainbow sprinkles, a one-ounce package of cocoa, two ounces of strawberry syrup, two ounces of vanilla syrup, and instructions. You'll also need a variety of food items and kitchen tools from home, along with a T-shirt or pillowcase, which you'll use to make the ice cream in. The instruction manual takes kids through each step of the ice cream-making process and turns them into mini experiments. Test how salt affects ice and water. Place a few grains of sugar on the tip and back of your tongue to test your taste buds. And the most important experiment of all: placing your ice cream mix in a sealed plastic bag, placing that inside a pillowcase or T-shirt, and shaking it up to make ice cream.

Is It Fun?

We like that this kit is more than just making ice cream. It turns the process into science experiments and engages kids in entertaining hands-on science learning. Kids will like that they can get creative with their ice cream, mixing flavors and adding colors to create their own unique recipes. And who would have thought that you could turn a T-shirt into an ice cream machine?

Plus, the results were very good. We made one serving of ice cream using the instructions, and it took only a few minutes to shake the mix into normal ice cream consistency. The amount of sugar and other flavorings kids use to create their ice cream will determine how good the finished ice cream tastes, but our vanilla ice cream tasted pretty good.

Who It’s For

Ice Cream Science is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This has the potential to be a messy activity, so you'll want to use it in an area where it's easy to clean up spills. It's recommended that you shake your ice cream mix outside.

The kit includes plastic bags for holding your ice cream mix and the ice cube/salt mixture. Make sure all of these bags are sealed tightly before you shake, otherwise you risk leaking water all over the place and contaminating your ice cream mix with salt from the ice cube/salt bag. You may want to use heavier-duty plastic zip-top bags from home instead of the ones included with this kit, which is what we did in our video review.

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