eCarrot Review (eBravium)

What It Is

eCarrot is an app that helps parents control how much time their children spend on phones and tablets. The app comes with a math game called Solve It (additional games will be available later), and if a child correctly answers a math question, he or she earns a set amount of time that can be used for playing other apps on the device. Parents can add multiple users to eCarrot to accommodate multi-child families and customize each child's experience, from setting how much time each correct question will be worth to managing the difficulty levels of the math questions. And parents can set which apps will be available to the child when he or she decides to cash in accumulated earned time. The in-app eCarrot reports tell parents how their children are doing in the math game.

Kids can play the math game for as long as they'd like to either earn a large amount of time or a short amount of time. Whenever they're ready to cash in their earned time, they simply hit "cash out" at the top of the screen, which will take them to their device's homepage where they can choose one of the parent-approved apps to play or use. When time is up, kids will no longer have access to the apps and must go back into eCarrot and play the math game again to earn more time.

If a child uses eCarrot on a phone, parents can set an approved contact list so that kids can only call or text people on the approved list. Making phone calls and texting can be done regardless of earned time.

Is It Fun?

Parents who are concerned about their kids' screentime will like eCarrot. It provides parental controls, limits screentime, is customizable for multiple kids, and gives kids an incentive to engage in educational play.

Who It’s For

eCarrot is for ages 4-11.

What To Be Aware Of

eCarrot is available in the Google Play store and will be available in the Apple App Store in August 2014.

Though not available now, in the future, you'll have the ability to link one eCarrot account to three different devices with an optional premium version available to expand.

The parental controls interface is not super intuitive. It took us a few times to figure out what we were supposed to tap in order to customize each user profile. For instance, instead of tapping on "edit," which only lets you add a password for each user profile, you tap on the child's name. It took us some trial-and-error tapping to figure out how to access the full reports, too. For kids, playing the math game is easy to figure out.

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  • eCarrot from eBravium
  • Part of the eCarrot brand
  • Rated 4+
  • Available on: Android
  • Available June 6, 2014