Nerf Dog Illuma-Action Retriever Meteor Ball Review (Gramercy Products)

Nerf Dog Illuma-Action Retriever Meteor Ball
What It Is

The Nerf Dog Illuma-Action Retriever line includes three different light-up balls to make it easier for your dog to see the ball during an evening game of fetch. The three balls include a 3.2-inch Meteor Ball, a 2.5-inch Ball, and a 5.5-inch Football. Each is sold separately and made with a durable rubber exterior. But the exterior is merely a wrap over another translucent rubber ball, and when shaken or bounced, it lights up with bright, blinking LED lights. (This is what Gramercy Products calls "illuma-action".) Left untouched, the lights will remain on for approximately 30 seconds. Chomping or shaking it will make it light up again and again. Gramercy Products claims that these balls will provide 100 hours of light.

Is It Fun?

These light-up fetch toys look really cool when the lights are flashing. You can use them during the day, but they are also ideal for evening games of fetch to help your dog more easily find the ball as the sun sets.

Who It’s For

The Nerf Dog Illuma-Action Retriever Meteor Ball is for dogs of all sizes.

What To Be Aware Of

The material of these balls is easy to clean if it gets gunked up.

These balls are durable, but they are not to be used as chew toys.

Gramercy Products warns of possible epileptic seizures for those who are adversely affected by certain flashing light patterns and to consult a physician should any of these symptoms occur.

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