Toddler Car Seat Cover Review (mio mio kids)

Toddler Car Seat Cover
What It Is

The mio mio Toddler Car Seat Cover is a cotton canvas cover which fits over most car seats. Large Velcro openings make threading the safety system of the car seat easy to do. The cover allows parents to easily access a car seat's five-point harness. The cover is washable.

Why Is It Useful?

A toddler seat cover can be useful when parents want something a bit more whimsical for the car seat that can also be removed and washed. However, we found the cover to be a bit loose and not as snug as we would have liked. Additionally, most car seats these days feature stain resistant, bacteria repelling, and moisture-proof materials that keep the car seat clean, so a cotton fabric cover might just add more clean up work for the parent.

Who It’s For

The mio mio Toddler Car Seat Cover can be used on most standard convertible toddler car seats.

What To Be Aware Of

The mio mio Toddler Car Seat Cover is available in a variety of prints and patterns. Baby car seat covers are also available.

When cleaning, tumble dry only.

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