Paint Maker Review (Crayola)

Paint Maker
What It Is

The Crayola Paint Maker allows kids to mix up their own batches of washable paint in virtually any color. Assembly is easy. Out of the box, the pieces simply snap together. Then, open the white base paint and fill one of the pots to the line on the outside. Then use the color strips and following the color mixing guide to mix your paints. For example, to make red-orange, use three yellow strips and two red strips. Carefully peel the color strips off the sheet, separate them and drop them into the prepared paint pot. Close it securely, and place it on the mixer. Be sure to lock the pot in place. Then turn the crank for about 30 seconds and your color will be perfectly mixed.

When you're done mixing more paints, use the included brush to start creating.

The set includes 15 pots (enough base paint to create 15 different colors), 75 paint strips, 10 sheets of art paper, and 15 labels. You can also fold up the paint maker set and add the handle to take your studio anywhere.

Is It Fun?

This is deceptively simple but ingeniously designed to provides a rich and colorful paint mixing experience while minimizing mess. It's also open-ended enough to allow kids to experiment with all different kinds of colors and make up their own recipes.

We were really impressed with the quality of the paint as well as the included brush, which is higher quality than you find in many paint sets and is satisfying to paint with.

Who It’s For

The Crayola Paint Maker is for ages 8 and up. This is going to appeal to a wide range of kids because the activity is as much fun as the painting.

What To Be Aware Of

An adult may be needed to help with the assembly. The pieces can be a little tough to snap together, but that's by design because they only snap together once. Still, it may take more pressure than small hands can provide. The instructions picture isn't completely clear, so you may want to refer the box to make sure the base clips are positioned correctly. That just helps a bit.

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