Alice's Paw-fect Tea Party Kit Review (Storybook Tea Kit Company)

Alice's Paw-fect Tea Party Kit
What It Is

Alice's Paw-fect Tea Party Kit comes with supplies and treats for throwing a tea party like the one from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Each tea kit is shaped like a book, and when you open it up, you'll find an "Open Me" tea pouch with a caffeine-free-cinnamon apple tea bag inside, a Read Me booklet with chapter 7 "A Mad Tea Party" from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, a chocolate "Eat Me" two-tier candy cake, a frosted Mad Hatter cookie, an empty "Drink Me" bottle, and a frosted White Rabbit pocket watch cookie. The "Drink Me" bottle is a PET bottle and is safe for liquid consumption. You can also visit the manufacturer's website for a narrated musical story about Alice.

Is It Fun?

This is a magical kit with some tasty treats that will engage kids in imaginative play. Kids can pretend to be part of Alice's tea party with the Mad Hatter and Dormouse as they read the story, sip their tea, and eat their sweet treats. The tea and the treats are, obviously, one-time use, but parents can replenish the kit with their own choice of tea and treats. Kids can also re-use the book packaging and the "Drink Me" bottle as roleplay accessories.

Who It’s For

Alice's Paw-fect Tea Party Kit is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This is called Alice's Paw-fect Tea Party Kit for a reason, but that reason is not clearly communicated in the kit. In the original story, Alice tries to join the tea party, but the Mad Hatter tries to exclude her by telling her there is no room. In the Storybook Tea Kit Company version of Alice's story, Alice states that the word "mad" turned upside down is "paw", and that "paw" stands for Peers (or friends) Always Welcome. So the "paw-fect" tea party is one where there is always room for everybody, and no one is bullied or excluded. Kids can download a Bee a Buddy, Not a Bully certificate online.

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All chocolates and cookies are certified kosher dairy.

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