Foonf Car Seat Review (Clek)

Foonf Car Seat
What It Is

The Foonf Car Seat features all the comfort and design parents expect but with new safety technology. The Foonf is reinforced with a steel and magnesium substructure and energy-absorbing foam layers on both the inside and outside of the frame that absorb energy in a side impact collision, which means less force directly on the child. An anti-rebound bar in the rear-facing mode keeps this seat stable and helps protect baby's head from impact in case of collision. For your front-facing child, the REACT Safety System absorbs energy in a frontal collision.

Besides the safety features, this car seat's narrow seat still provides ample space. The GREENGUARD Select Certified fabric (available in a variety of colors) provides protection against stains, moisture, and bacteria. This seat does integrate the Rigid-LATCH installation system. If your car does not accommodate the Rigid-LATCH system, you can install the Foonf with seatbelts. The seat has a gentle recline in forward-facing mode to keep your kid comfy. The headrest is deep with generous side wings to keep your sleeping child comfortable.

While this car seat is approved for airplanes, we're not sure how you would get it to the airport. The Foonf is incredibly heavy, weighing in at 38 pounds.

Why Is It Useful?

While we do like Clek products for their safety and clean designs, the Foonf was a challenge to move around and adjust for a growing child. Adjusting the harness to accommodate your growing child involves removing the car seat and unlatching a compartment and going from there. While it was a bit frustrating, there is a slight learning curve, and in the end, the safety features of the car seat outweigh the slight frustrations when adjusting it.

Who It’s For

The Foonf Car Seat is for children weighing 15-50 pounds in rear-facing mode and for children from 20-65 pounds in front-facing mode.

What To Be Aware Of

We didn't have a way to test the REACT Safety System, but Clek does have a thorough video of its research online.

The Foonf is very large in rear-facing mode, so keep that in mind when positioning it.

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