Dicecapades! Number Ninjas! Review (Haywire Group)

Dicecapades! Number Ninjas!
What It Is

Dicecapades! Number Ninjas! is a strategic math game for two to four players where players solve math problems and try to be the first to collect four quest items and make it to the golden dragon. There are two levels of play, depending on the math skills of the players. Beginners, or Ninja Recruits, can use the three red dice and only solve addition and subtraction problems. Ninja Masters can use the three blue dice and solve addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems.

Players take turns rolling either set of dice, solving the math problem rolled, and then moving that number of spaces along the board. If you land on a Place Trap! space, take one of the trap tokens and place it on an empty spot on the game board, preferably in a location where it will block an opponent. If you land on a Remove Trap! space, you get to remove one trap token of your choice from the board.

If you land on a Ninja Challenge space, draw a Ninja Challenge card and solve either the red (Ninja Recruit) or blue (Ninja Master) math problem. You can use a pencil and paper if you need it. If you answer correctly, take the appropriate quest item. If you answer incorrectly, your turn is over, and you can try again on your next turn without rolling the dice.

Once you've earned the four quest items, roll the dice and make your way toward the golden dragon in the center of the game board. The first player to make it there with all four quest items wins.

Dicecapades! Number Ninjas! comes with three red dice, three blue dice, a game board, four ninja pawns with character stands, 16 quest items, three trap tokens, a golden dragon with character stand, and 80 ninja challenge cards.

Is It Fun?

This game is a fun way for kids to practice their math skills. With two levels of play, the whole family can play together regardless of age or math skill level. Kids, of course, will like being able to progress to Ninja Master once they've got basic addition and subtraction down.

Who It’s For

Dicecapades! Number Ninjas! is for ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Dicecapades! games are available and sold separately.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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