BOOMco. Rapid Madness Blaster Review (Mattel)

BOOMco. Rapid Madness Blaster
What It Is

The BOOMco. Rapid Madness Blaster is an air-powered blaster in Mattel's new BOOMco. blaster line. It comes with 30 sticky-tipped plastic darts that stick to the included target and a clip that holds 20 darts at a time. Load the clip into the blaster and pump the blaster 18 times by fully extending the handle forward and pushing the handle back. Then press the trigger to activate rapid-fire blasting action. If you're in a blaster battle with a friend, press the button on top of the blaster to deploy the Smart Stick shield, and your opponent's BOOMco. darts will stick to the shield.

Is It Fun?

The darts in this blaster are smaller than the ones you might be familiar with from other blasters, but they shoot really well and are very accurate. Our darts went about 50 feet, and what you aim for, the darts will hit. Keep in mind, though, that when you pump the blaster, you must make sure you've fully extended the handle or you'll end up having to pump more than the recommended 18 times.

Who It’s For

The BOOMco. Rapid Madness Blaster is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The instructions state not to stick the target to walls or furniture, which sort of presents a problem because where are you supposed to stick it to play? Removing the sticker from a wall can also remove the paint, so we recommend either sticking the target to a basement wall that you don't care about or just leaving the backing on and adhering the sticker to a wall using 3M strips or painter's tape.

As with all blasters, don't aim at the eyes or faces of pets or people.

To clean the darts so they don't lose their stickiness, rinse their tips with tap water or use tape to remove excess debris.

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