Jam Transit Buds Review (Jam Audio)

Jam Transit Buds
What It Is

The Jam Transit Buds from Jam Audio are a pair of Bluetooth-enabled wireless ear buds. Compatible with any Bluetooth device, these headphones take away the annoyance of dealing with wires while still keeping you connected on the go. Set up is simple, hit the button on the side to turn on your Jam Buds and go to the Bluetooth setting on your device to pair them. The Bluetooth connection carries up to 30 feet and lasts about 6 hours continuously. The headphones also feature ear hooks to keep the buds fitting snug in your ears as well as sweat resistant material, perfect for active wear.

Need to take a call? Simply press the play/pause button on the right ear bud to take the call. Jam Transit Buds also feature a built-in speaker. If you want to ignore it simply hold down the play/pause button to ignore the call. Transit will pause your music for you as the call comes in and pick it back up where you left off when your call ends.

Tired of wearing your earbuds but want to keep them readily available? The buds feature a magnetic connection so you can hang them around your neck.

Is It Fun?

Overall, we were really impressed by the quality and features of these wireless ear buds. We like that the ear hooks and sweat-resistant material make them perfect for use at the gym, on the dance floor, or on the road. And if you've ever wacked your smartphone straight off an elliptical because of a wire, you know how awesome a wire-free, sweat-resistant listening experience sounds.

Who It’s For

There is no age-grade for this product but we think it's best suited for users ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

You will need to enable your Bluetooth connection in order to stream your music and calls to your Jam Transit Buds.

A USB mini cable is included to use to recharge your ear buds.

Although we experienced clarity in most of our tested calls, a few callers on the other end of the line experienced a bit of feedback.

Jam Transit Buds are currently available in black, red, and blue.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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