Wee Sing & Learn ABC Review (iStoryTime)

Wee Sing & Learn ABC
What It Is

Wee Sing & Learn ABC is an iOS app that combines music, animated animals, musical instruments from all over the world, and read-along text to introduce young children to the ABCs.

The story portion of the app has 26 pages, one for each letter of the alphabet, and each page includes an animal and a musical instrument that starts with the letter. Choose Read to Me mode to hear a narrator read and sing a song for the animal on the screen. Kids will also hear that animal's sound and the sound of the instrument the animal is playing. Press one of the three additional buttons on the screen to hear more words that start with the letter. Read By Myself mode turns off the narration, or you can also choose Auto Play, which includes narration, but you won't have to manually turn each page.

Additional activities include ABC Song, where kids follow the letters of the alphabet through narration and music. Kids can also tap the letters in time with the music in Play Along. In Explore ABC, tap a letter to hear its name. In Explore Animals, choose any one of the 26 animals to hear its sound, the sound of the musical instrument, and the sentence that accompanies the animal in the story.

Is It Fun?

This app is a fun and interactive way to introduce young children to the letters of the alphabet and encourage some early reading skill development. Kids will enjoy singing along as the animals dance and play their musical instruments. We like that there's a guided story but also ways for kids to explore on their own.

Who It’s For

Wee Sing & Learn ABC is for children under the age of 5. We think it's more specifically appropriate for kids 1-5. However, there are no security measures to prevent kids from tapping on the home page's information button and accessing the App Store from the online iStoryTime catalog.

What To Be Aware Of

This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running iOS 6.1 or later.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Learning Curve

  • Wee Sing & Learn ABC from iStoryTime
  • Rated 4+
  • Available on: iOS
  • Available April 14, 2014