Catty Stacks Chocolate Brown Review (Catty Stacks)

Catty Stacks Chocolate Brown
What It Is

Catty Stacks are eco-friendly modular box units made of heavy-duty recycled corrugated Ultraboard which can support up to 20 lbs. They come with four clips so that you can attach them to other Catty Stacks units to build your own kitty jungle gym.

Is It Fun?

Each side of a Catty Stacks box has a hole for entry and exit as well as looking out. The holes have perforations so that you can make them larger if you'd like, which is great for bigger cats or just adding some variation. The Ultraboard makes Catty Stacks more tear resistant than normal cardboard, which is a huge plus as cats are usually quick to tear up cardboard furniture by scratching. Catty Stacks are great as a jungle gym for playtime, but also a comforting personal space for your pet. I added a pad and a blanket to the bottom unit of my Catty Stack and turned it into a comfy bed. The clean, simple, and modern design of Catty Stacks look hipper than more traditional carpet covered cat furniture. All around, Catty Stacks are an innovative, fun, and cost-effective new approach to cat furniture.

Who It’s For

Catty Stacks are for cats weighing less than 20 lbs.

What To Be Aware Of

Catty Stacks come in five different colors: Chocolate Brown, Pistachio Green, Sky Blue, Snow White, and Tickled Pink. This gives you a variety of options to mix and match with your decor. Vegetable-based inks ensure the colors are safe for kitty. Catty Stacks are a great blank canvas so feel free to get creative and decorate them to match your home. Each unit is sold separately, but includes clips to attach to other units.

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