Dwarven Den Review (Backflip Studios)

Dwarven Den
What It Is

Dwarven Den from Backflip Studios is a mining, puzzle, and exploration game where you set out to free dwarves that are trapped in mines. Each mine is a level and there are 80 levels at the start of the game. Levels have a main objective, including freeing dwarves, which you have to achieve to unlock the next mine level. There are also secondary objectives, like finding three stars, mining all the gold and finding different items. All that mining requires energy, which can be replenished by finding red energy crystals. If you run out of energy, your dwarf loses a life. You have three lives at the start of the game so you need to use your energy wisely.

Is It Fun?

Dwarven Den is cute and funny, but also challenging, which is what makes it fun. Some of the items found in mines include tools and gear, which can be forged in the blacksmith section to produce more powerful items that help in more difficult levels. Forging items requires gold and adds a deeper element to this casual game.

Who It’s For

Dwarven Den is rated ages 9 and up on the iTunes store, but we think kids a couple years younger than 9 will enjoy it and should be able to follow the directions. Parents and adults might also enjoy playing this one on their own.

What To Be Aware Of

The game uses gems as currency, which can be exchanged for boosts, like more energy. Gems are scarce in the game, but can also be purchased for real money as an in-app purchase. You can enjoy this game and get far without ever having to spend money.

The game is currently available for free for iOS devices and has been designed for both iPhone and iPad. Your device does not have to be connected to internet to play.

  • Fun

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  • Learning Curve

  • Dwarven Den from Backflip Studios
  • Rated 9+
  • Available on: iOS
  • Available May 1, 2014