Ultimate Nail Glam Salon Review (Alex)

Ultimate Nail Glam Salon
What It Is

The Ultimate Nail Glam Salon kit from Alex features more than 400 pieces to create unique and avant-garde nail art. The set includes four neon colors of nail polish, four colors of glitter, 72 nail appliques, 170 nail stickers, 135 mini nail stickers, 10 nail gems, 38 rainbow foil strips, two toe separators, a heart-shaped nail file, and glitter brush. A guide is also included to create three different nail styles in addition to the basic painted look.

Using the included sheets of applique stickers, girls can apply pre-made designs to their nails with little effort. Select one theme or mix and mix with a few. Place the sticker at the cuticle of your nail and smooth it down toward the tip. Grab the included heart-shaped file and work in a circular motion to file away any excess from the nail.

To get a textured look, use the included glitter to add some sparkle and texture. Start by applying any of the included nail polishes (or your own) and while the polish is still wet, sprinkle on the glitter. Let it dry and then use the brush to remove any excess glitter.

In addition to these two designs, you can also add the included rainbow strips in a similar manner as the stickers or apply any additional stickers and gems.

Is It Fun?

Nail art is a steadily growing trend but it can often be difficult to do. This kit makes the process super easy and, with the right amount of time and effort, yields some salon-quality results. We think it will appeal to girly girls who like to switch up their looks and get creative. And with 400-plus pieces in this kit, it can also be a fun spa activity for a sleepover or birthday party.

Who It’s For

The Ultimate Nail Glam Salon kit from Alex is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The design stickers tend to fray at the ends by day two of wear. We suggest sealing them with some clear nail polish for a more lasting look. Clear nail polish is not included.

The glitter can get a bit messy so we suggest apply it either over a sink or prepping a workspace with some old newspaper.

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