Connec+ 4 Stroller Review (guzzie + Guss)

Connec+ 4 Stroller
What It Is

The Connec+ 4 Stroller is a full-size stroller that can also be transformed into a double stroller by purchasing an additional seat for your second child. The Connec+ 4 has a wide base and is sturdy enough to handle bumpy streets. The seat is reversible, so you can have bonding time while strolling with your baby, and comes in a variety of colors: purple, sand, blue, red, stripe, and black. The seat has a hard shell outer casing and a padded interior. The seat is spacious and angles in slightly to mold to your child's resting body. The canopy is large, and with the flip-out visor, it gives extended shade. There's a ventilated mesh canopy, a five-point harness, and a three-stage recline. There also is a removable seat cover to keep baby snug and warm.

The Connec+ 4 also has an adjustable handlebar, footrest, large storage basket with zip feature, and a front wheel lock. When you are not using this in double stroller mode, the basket liner covers the latch grooves. The handlebar can be removed to fold up the stroller.

As you find your family growing, a second seat can be purchased and added to this stroller in the lower position. A universal car seat adapter can be purchased separately. Additionally, the Casita bassinet seat is also available for use with a newborn and is sold separately.

Why Is It Useful?

This stroller delivers comfort for baby with necessities for parents. It's easy to maneuver this stroller, and we like that it connects with other pieces in the Connec+ line. The base of this stroller is pretty wide and a bit bulky, but it felt really secure as we strolled down the busy sidewalks of New York.

Who It’s For

The Connec+ 4 Stroller is for ages 6 months and up with a weight limit of 55 pounds. For infants younger than 6 months, we recommend using the car seat adapter and car seat.

What To Be Aware Of

This is not a lightweight stroller, and while it does push really well, it also requires some arm muscle when you are on cobbled streets. When folded up, it's also pretty heavy and bulky. But some moms won't mind this at all because the wide base, bulk, and hard shell all make for a very safe ride for baby.

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