Juice in the Box Review (Precidio Designs)

Juice in the Box
What It Is

Juice in the Box is a reusable, spill-proof, and almost indestructible juice box for kids. Pour your juice inside the box up to the fill line, close it up, and drink through the angled straw. This has a translucent body, so you can see what you're drinking, and a lockable latch to keep juice from spilling out when you're on the go. Juice in the Box holds eight ounces of liquid. It's BPA- and phthlate-free, and you can clean it in the dishwasher. It's available in green, orange, pink, red, and blue.

Is It Fun?

This really is spill-proof. We carried it around in a bag all evening and not a drop came out. We also did pretty much everything except run this over with a car and it didn't crack. But one very big negative that we hope the company fixes is a sharp edge that pinches the chin while drinking. When a child drinks from this box, the sharp edge rests right on the skin of the chin and scratches up the skin. Because of the way the straw is inserted into the juice box, your chin has to rest against the sharp edge. We do hope the company fixes this because, other than that, the Juice in the Box is a great product to have on the go.

Who It’s For

Juice in the Box is not age-graded but we would say it's for ages 12 months and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Juice in the Box is available to purchase from www.juiceinthebox.com.

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