Skribs Review (Baby Fanatic)

What It Is

Skribs are customizable wristbands made of plastic and silicone that let kids write and draw whatever they like with whatever they like. Then, just swipe your finger or a tissue across the band's writing surface to erase and start over. Each pack of Skribs comes with three wristbands and one dry-erase marker. You can also use ballpoint pens, wet-erase markers, gel ink pens, and even permanent markers on Skribs.

Kids can write whatever they want on these bands: lyrics from a favorite song, the names of their friends or crushes, their Twitter handle, their favorite sports team, colorful designs, homework reminders, important phone numbers, their school bus number, and food allergies. These bands are designed with a material that makes it easy for kids to erase the designs with their fingers but not as easy for the design to rub off if it's lightly brushed against clothing.

Is It Fun?

These wristbands really work, and yes, even permanent marker rubs off. Once the ink is on the band, it does fade a little bit, so your design won't be as bold or bright as you probably want it to be. But it's still readable. And it's a fun, creative, and self-expressive outlet for kids that can easily be changed up every day (or hour or minute) depending on what kids want to show off on their Skribs.

Who It’s For

Skribs is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

If you rub off your designs with your finger, the ink can leave a residue behind on your finger. To minimize a mess on your hands, you might want to use a tissue to wipe off your designs.

Before you get writing, you will need to break in each wristband by writing on it and erasing a few times. This will grit up the surface of the wristband and create a more ideal writing and drawing surface.

Skribs is available exclusively at Walmart.

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