goDog Furballz Review (Quaker Pet Group)

goDog Furballz
What It Is

goDog FurBallz may look like an ordinary plush toy for your pup, but there is a secret beneath the brightly colored fur: patented Chew Guard technology. Chew Guard is a super tough, durable liner that is double-stitched and designed to withstand tough play. Although FurBallz are not indestructible, they are guaranteed to last longer than your average plush dog toy. Quaker Pet Group is so sure of this that they offer a one-time replacement guarantee on all of its Chew Guard products. There is also an integrated squeaker inside the toy.

Is It Fun?

The integrated squeaker will delight your dog as he chomps down on this furry fun ball. Pet parents will like that this is one dog toy that won't get chewed up within five minutes of play.

Who It’s For

We would consider this a play toy or tossing toy. This is by no means a chewing toy, so it's not ideal if your dog is a heavy chewer.

What To Be Aware Of

FurBallz are machine washable.

This can be played with indoors or outdoors, but if you're going outdoors, make sure the weather is fair, otherwise the toy will end up being a furry wet mess.

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