If you’re into action figures, here’s where you want to be. See the latest Star Wars figs from Rogue One (a surefire hit) and an awesome line of barrier-breaking action dolls in the Miraculous and DC Super Hero Girls. Action figures are for every kind of fan, and these combine design, great characters and play to be the best of the best for 2016.
Find great activities to keep kids engaged creatively. Create your own stuffed animals, make yummy treats, grow something amazing, or engage in classic play with Play-Doh, a favorite for 60 years.
You know that in today’s toys arts and crafts is about much more than traditional drawing and coloring (though you’ll find that here, too). It’s all about making and sharing awesome décor, jewelry, and so much more.
Collecting is a classic play pattern—and it’s never been hotter. From Shopkins and Tsum Tsum to Splashlings, Gift ‘ems, and the brand new Charm U, these tiny toys deliver big appeal and lots of play value.
LEGO, Robotics and STEM come together for kids of all genders as they get all the cognitive benefits of construction play and experience the engaging fun of having something amazing that they put together.
Barbie celebrates diversity in 2016. As always, she’s totally gorgeous and completely on-trend. You’ll also find classic dolls from entertainment here—Elsa, Elena, and the hot new look for Trolls. Plus, Cabbage Patch Dolls like you’ve never seen them before!
All play is learning, and with these toys, learning is play. Engage kids in activities that reinforce basic learning skills (writing, numbers, literacy, and so much more) with toys that will delight and entertain.
Science and technology are sources for endless curiosity and exploration for young minds. These toys represent some of the best of the year that introduce basic concepts of electronics, circuitry, and robotics while providing rich play experiences and get kids thinking like engineers.
There’s no play experience like a game. For family interaction and just plain fun, these are some of the most creative of 2016. Bring Dr. Seuss to life, solve mysteries with Harry Potter, challenge your timing and skills, and, of course, have an amazingly fun time.
Turn any gathering into a party with these games that stress creativity, connection and smarts. Use your phone, pen or your razor sharp mind, and get ready to laugh (a lot!). Perfect for your annual holiday and New Year’s Eve parties, these games are a riot.
Bring the world of your favorite toys to life with these great playsets and dollhouses. From Barbie’s ultimate smart home to the Ninja Turtles’ secret HQ and so much more, these sets foster imaginative, narrative-based play kids love.
Give your preschooler something extra special! Inspire adventures with the mega-hot PAW Patrol or Lion Guard, dance with BeatBowWow, or rule the kingdom with interactive magic from VTech. These are some of the most fun and exciting 2016 toys for kids ages 2-4.
Meet the most advanced R/C toys we’ve seen yet. This outstanding collection of super cool vehicles for 2016 transform, fly, race, cruise the streets, get up if they fall over, and even battle each other. They don’t unwrap themselves...but they might someday.
Find the hottest toy drones for 2016 here. Combining technology, design and performance, these advanced drones go beyond flying and hovering: they race, take videos, and more. Perfect presents for teens and young adults, these revolutionary new drones are great for all levels of experience.
See the toys you may have loved making a comeback for today’s kids—proof that great classic play is always relevant and fun. Beyblade, an amazing Hot Wheels track and our old pal Stretch Armstrong, are all back and ready to entertain a whole new gang of kids. We call them “retro,” but kids will always call them “cool”.
Get up and go! There’s something for everyone from preschoolers to teens with 2016’s breakthrough riding toys. Take the skateboard to the next level, stroll down the sidewalk with Minnie Mouse, or get a real-life Hot Wheels thrill in your own backyard. Whether kid-powered or battery powered, easy or skill intensive, these toys are “wheelie” great!
Who do you want to be today? Foster active imaginations for kids as they pretend to be their favorite characters like Doc McStuffins or Elena of Avalor. Or maybe they just want to pretend to be grown-up chefs. Either way, check out the hottest roleplay toys for 2016!
Find the toys you need to have a blast—literally. Here’s where you’ll see the most outrageous new Nerf blasters, an Aussie trampoline now stateside, Zing’s light-up Zylcone and two excellent games. For 2016, inside is out. Grab these and get playing.
Meet some lovable and fluffy companions kids are going to love. Dance with Mickey, skate with Minnie, and cuddle up with the Little Live Pets. For kids not ready for a real pet, these are some great options (check out Peppy Pups that you can really walk, for example). Chances are you probably won’t find a real dragon to bring home, so Torch My Blazin’ Dragon will inspire lots of creative play.
Tech is more affordable and versatile than ever. With the most in-demand tech toys for 2016, you can hatch your own virtual pet, befriend Cozmo (the most personal robot yet), go ape with Zoomer Chimp, or just rock out and be a star. Chips add magic to these toys, but they also need kids’ imaginations to unlock all their appeal.
You’re on track for excitement with 2106’s top toy vehicles. Check out Lionel’s breakthrough Mega Tracks, a powerful Hot Wheels set that lets kids design their own layouts, great characters from PAW Patrol, and Stinky the Garbage Truck. These toys add personality, action and creativity to classic vehicle play.