20 Christmas/Hanukkah-Themed Toys to Spread Holiday Cheer in 2018

At TTPM, we believe nothing spreads holiday cheer quite like singing loud for all to hear toys. Whether you are trying to turn your naughty kids a bit nicer this holiday season or looking for a new holiday party game to entertain friends and family between fueling up on eggnog and Christmas cookies, TTPM has you covered. The TTPM editorial team rounded up its top 20 picks for the best Christmas-themed toys and Hanukkah-themed toys to brighten the season.

For Kids

For Pets


This holiday toy list is a bit different than the usual TTPM Most Wanted Holiday Toy round-ups or our new holiday Hot Pop Culture Toy List. This one shines a spotlight on the toys that are helping to spread a little extra holiday cheer in 2018.

In searching for the best holiday-themed toys, we sought out toys that would not only get a lot of use throughout the season but also toys that families could play with together—and actually enjoy. From that criteria, we narrowed it down to these top 20 toys. These are toys that shelf the elf and inspire new holiday traditions, toys that celebrate characters from the best holiday movies, toys that amp up the excitement leading up to Hanukkah and Christmas (with a small dose of Kwanzaa and New Years, too!), and toys that let kids get in on the fun of holiday crafts and decorating. These toys also cover the gamut of holiday gift ideas for kids ranging in age from 18 months and up.

We've even added a few of our favorite holiday pet toys because we know that Santa brings presents for EVERY member of the family, including pets! And if you're going to leave out something for Santa's reindeer, you better not forget your own four-legged friend. The pet toys on our list are sure to keep your fur babies occupied as you spin the dreidel and nosh on your Hanukkah gelt, or simply distract them as you trim the tree. (We can't guarantee anything will keep your cats from jumping into the tree.)

No matter what you're looking for or who you're buying for, TTPM's Top Holiday Toys help bring the season to life and keep you off the naughty list next year.