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Wonder Woman + Invisible Jet

This week we’re giving away a

Wonder Woman + Invisible Jet

from Mattel

Soar into action with Wonder Woman and the DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman & Invisible Jet. This playset comes with a 12-inch Wonder Woman action doll and an invisible jet vehicle with real-rolling wheels.

Based on the DC Super Hero Girls web series in which teenage versions of favorite DC superheroes and villains attend Super Hero High, this Wonder Woman doll wears a gold headpiece in her black-and-blue-streaked hair, along with a blue and red jumpsuit, silver bracelets, and red boots. The outfit is plastic molded onto the doll and cannot be removed. Because this is an action doll, it can stand on its own and be posed. Points of articulation include the head, arms, wrists, legs, and knees.

Seat the Wonder Woman doll behind the jet's steering wheel, and if you need room for one more DC Super Hero Girls doll, just extend the jet to reveal a second seat. There is also a button on the front of the blue translucent jet that launches a Wonder Woman logo projectile.

Click here to see the full review of DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman + Invisible Jet, where it’s in stock, and how much it costs.

Congratulations to yesterday's winner, Doris B. from Farmington, MO.