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Enchantimals Playhouse Panda Set

This week we’re giving away a

Enchantimals Playhouse Panda Set

from Mattel

There's a lot of space to play in Everwilde's panda playhouse. And that's where you'll find the Enchantimals, a group of girls who have a special bond with animals. The Enchantimals Playhouse Panda Set comes with one of those girls, Prue Panda and her panda friend Nari.

Prue wears a removable skirt covered in bamboo leaves and panda paw prints, a teal top with printed-on panda charm necklace, and a furry stole. She's got panda ears in her short black hair, a panda tail, and even panda faces on her pink boots.

And Prue and Nari love playing in the playset's seven play areas on multiple levels. Place the doll and the panda figure on the panda-shaped swingset and give them a push. There's even a little slide for Nari.

Head into the kitchen to munch on a bowl of fruit and have a cup of tea. Even the tea cups and teapot have panda faces on them. Attach a tray to one of the kitchen chairs so that Nari can eat.

Take the kid-powered elevator up to the bedroom, which has a bed for Prue with an attached basket for Nari.

On the other side of the playset there's a bathroom that has dual toilets and sinks. One big for the doll and one small for the panda.

Take the tree steps to the balcony or all the way up into the treehouse for an even higher view.

Throughout the playset, you'll also find display pegs for making the doll and panda stand.

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Congratulations to yesterday's winner, Richard R. from Midland, PA.