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Meccano Micronoid Switch

This week we’re giving away a

Meccano Micronoid Switch

from Spin Master

Build a robot and bring it to life with the Meccano Tech Micronoid Switch. This construction set comes with 139 pieces for building a bug-like robot that stands just over 15 inches tall from the top of its antennas to the bottom of its wheels. Once you've got the robot built, turn it on and start playing. The robot has three modes, plus you can program the robot to do different actions.

In 8-Ball mode, ask the robot a yes or no question, and the robot will respond.

In Dance mode, the robot will dance to whatever music you play near it. Leave the robot in this mode too long, and it will start dancing to its own music.

And then there's Autonomous mode. In this mode, the robot does whatever it wants from giggling, moving around, and singing to babbling and farting. If you've got another Micronoid nearby, the two may start interacting with each other and dancing to a synchronized routine.

But if you want to build custom walking and turning sequences for the robot, press the record button on top of its head and push the arrow buttons in the sequence you want. Or you can twist the robot's head to make it turn where you want it to go. Then press the play button to make the robot perform your programmed sequence. If you speak to the robot while recording, it will record your voice and repeat what you say in its robot voice when the play button is pressed.

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Congratulations to yesterday's winner, Jeremy H. from Georgetown , KY.

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