Geek Weeks Giveaway: Captain America prize pack!

The First Avenger is storming into theaters today! Who doesn’t have a soft spot for Steve Rogers, the sensitive, scrawny artist from Brooklyn destined to become the country’s red-white-and-blue hero? Nobody, that’s who.

Today’s giveaway is a prize pack filled to the brim with America! The winner will receive the Captain America Disc Launching Shield, the Super Shield Captain America interactive preschool action figure, and SEVEN Captain America The First Avenger Series collectible action figures: Heroic Age Cap, US Agent Cap, Winter Combat Cap, & Super Combat Cap, along with Captain Britain, Crossbones, and Red Skull.

Can you handle this much American excellence? If so, simply fill out the form below and rack up as many points as you can by tweeting, Facebooking, and otherwise spreading the nerdy love. Each action is a point, and each point equals your name going into the virtual hat once. At the end of the day, we’ll randomly choose a lucky winner!

This giveaway is over. The winner is Hannah B. from CT!

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