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Bubble Toy Reviews

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There's something magical about watching bubbles floating through the air with ease and with the right bubble toys, you can bring that magic to your loved ones. With several styles to choose from like wands, blowers, blasters, and machines, the tricky part is figuring out which toys will be best for your backyard adventures. That's why we're here to help.

Whether you're looking for wands for your little one to run around outside with or an automated machine to fill the backyard with bubbles for a party, the video reviews below will help you find the best one for you. Simply click on the image to learn more about it. Discover how easy a blower is to refill, what bubble makers are spill-free, and which wands will provide hours of fun.

Finding the best bubble toys for your family has never been easier thanks to the toy reviews by TTPM and with our price comparison tool, you're sure to glide into a good time without out popping your budget bubble

Elephant Bubble Machine

Elephant Bubble Machine

from Good Banana $19.99

Bubble Tree Original Refillable Bubble System

Bubble Tree Original Refillable Bubble System

from American Bubble Company $7.99

Maxx Bubbles! Super Light Up Bubble Blower

Maxx Bubbles! Super Light Up Bubble Blower

from Sunny Days Entertainment $4.99

Marvel Spider-Man Bubble Slinger

Marvel Spider-Man Bubble Slinger

from Little Kids, Inc. $14.99

Halloween Light-Up Bubble Wand

Halloween Light-Up Bubble Wand

from Disney $22.99

Fubbles Bubbles on the Go

Fubbles Bubbles on the Go

from Little Kids, Inc. $1.99

Gazillion Bubble Blowers

Gazillion Bubble Blowers

from Funrise $9.99



from Zing $4.99



from Zing $1.99

What Types of Bubble Toys Are There?

Help your family join in on the enchanting floating fun of bubble play with the right wands and blowers. With automated machines that can create a whirlwind of bubbles all around, no-spill designs, giant bubble making wands, and so much more, kids of all ages can have a bubbly blast of a time anytime. All you have to do is decide which style of bubble toys are right for you and your child. If you need help shopping for bubble toys, here's the main categories, who they're good for and options to help match your family and floating fun all year long.


There are different types of wands to choose from, like the classic style that you can dip and blow one bubble at a time to wands that can create many bubbles at once with a simple twist of the wrist. Wands are fun and easy for kids of all ages to use. Young children that haven't mastered the art of blowing a bubble can still create and chase to their hearts content as they wave the wands through the air. There are even large wands for making giant bubbles. Many wand designs are also easy to refill so that the fun can continue.

Here are some of the most popular types of bubble wands and who they are good for:

  • · Dip and blow - perfect for all ages
  • · Wave wands - great for little kids to pre-teens
  • · Giant bubble wands - perfect for older kids
  • · Mini bubble necklaces - These are fun for older kids but could be choking hazards for younger ones
  • · Scented bubbles - These are great for all ages
  • · Bubble buckets - Ideal for little kids to big kids, especially ones who misplace toys

Bubble Buckets

Hard-to-tip bubble buckets used in combination with a wand are great for limiting spills and keeping the bubble solution in the bucket. These are perfect for young kids that tend to spill easily because the longer you can keep your bubble solution in the bucket, the longer the bubble fun can last.

Blowers And Blasters

Create a blast of bubbles at the push of a button with a handheld blower or blaster. Easy to fill designs can keep a game of 'bubble tag' going for hours. Blowers and blasters come in two standard styles, trigger and squeeze. The squeeze style is a good option for younger kids that don't yet have the dexterity to manipulate a blaster with a trigger.

Motorized Bubble Maters

You can instantly create a whirling storm of bubbles in a flash all with the flick of a switch. Motorized bubble makers make it easy to make an unlimited amount of bubbles for kids and pets to chase with no wait time. Just add the right amount of bubble solution and batteries, turn your bubble maker on, and play the afternoon away, hands-free. Aside from being fun for little kids, they make fun accents for parties, can be used to set the mood at a wedding as the happy couple walks by and many other occasions.

Bubble Dolls

Blend playtimes when you combine dolls and bubbles. These dolls are perfect for kids playing outdoors or in the bathtub. You can find fashion dolls with a mermaid tail that doubles as a bubble wand or an action figure with a section made out of sponge for some squeezable fun.

Bubble Solution

All you really need to blow the perfect bubbles is bubble solution and it's always a good idea to have some extra on hand for refilling and continuing play. You can buy bubble solution from a toy manufacturer or simply make your own by purchasing dish soap or using formulas you find online.

Bubbles are one of the most inexpensive and long lasting ways to keep kids entertained, create a fun atmosphere for an event and have a good time. That's why they've become a staple for summer play, events like a school dance or wedding and have been around in toy form since the 17th century. If you're ready to add some floating fun to your family, use our video reviews above to find the perfect option.

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