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Dora the Explorer Toy Reviews

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Does your child have a passion for adventure and exploring the world around them? Then Dora the Explorer toys are the perfect travelling companions for them. They can choose from action figures to create their own stories, accessories to help find a treasure, costumes to become their favorite characters, and games to keep them entertained; your little adventurer will always be excited to join Dora on a journey to explore the world, make new discoveries, and help those around her. Here's where you can see and buy the toys that are right for you.

Click on any of the images below to watch a full video review of each of the toys and learn all about the pros and cons of each one. Not sure where to begin? Use the category sorter on the left to help you narrow down your search. You can sort the products according to your explorer's age, your price range or see what's new and which ones are currently the most popular. With so many fun and friendly toys and accessories to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect ones for your little explorer when you use TTPM's toy reviews.

More About Dora and Friends

Since Dora the Explorer first came on the scene in 2000, she's inspired countless kids with a sense of adventure and the thrill of discovery. Dora is an 8-year-old American girl from a Mexican heritage. What she loves most is going on adventures, and with her monkey companion Boots and her trusty backpack, they are always off doing something new.

One of the elements of the Dora the Explorer show is that she always invites kids to come along with her and take an active role in helping to solve the puzzles - most of which include Spanish language, and basic preschool learning including counting, colors, language skills and more. Of course, they always have to watch out for the wily Swiper, a fox who is always stealing things.

Designed for young preschoolers, they look up to Dora and love her can-do attitude, and she's also very independent, something kids aspire to being. Adventures with Dora model good behavior. She's empathetic and always tries to do the right thing. She's even been known to help out Swiper when it's the right thing to do... even though he sometimes swipes things from her. A lot of the learning focuses on repetition, which is great for the younger kids in the Dora age bracket, and it's not surprising that kids like to watch the same episodes over and over as they master the puzzles.

All of this extends quite naturally into play as children love to mimic the empowered and positive characteristics of Dora. One of the other positive benefits of this show is that it helps establish multi-lingualism (or at least bi-lingualism) as normal in the culture.

Plus, Dora has a lot of fun!

As your little one plays they'll realize that they don't need jungle trek in their backyard to be able to explore with Dora. There's adventure all around them and you'll love seeing them create worlds with their imaginations. With games, toys, and accessories, your munchkin will be using their imagination to create their own journeys and making new discoveries. With so much fun and adventure to be had, even you'll be grabbing your backpack and saying 'Vámonos lets go'!

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