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Crayola Marker Reviews

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Putting the 'power of creativity' in your fingertips is easy with the help Crayola markers and the reviews below. From classic wide tip markers for kids to create and craft, to dual-tip styles for fine art details, you know you're in for an artistically good time when coloring with Crayola. Ready to find the right set?

Click any of the options below and you'll find out more about each of the options including if they're age appropriate, if the marker counts will meet your budding artist's needs, and you'll shop assured that you're getting exactly what your masterpiece maker's project requires.

TTPM's video reviews of arts and crafts toys help you discover which of these long-lasting sets are best for permanent projects, dry erase options for the workplace, school or drawing games, and even washable or mess-free needs for little kids to have fun. The price comparisons next to the video are updated daily to help you always find the best deal at each of the major retailers on that particular set.

Shopping for the right pack of Crayola markers has never been easier and more affordable when you have TTPM on your side!

Crayola Ultimate Light Board

Crayola Ultimate Light Board

from Crayola $24.99

Mini Neon Marker Maker

Mini Neon Marker Maker

from Crayola $19.99

How to Choose the Right Set

Whether you're shopping for a great gift for someone who likes to color in the lines or are looking to create some lines of your own, the vivid world of Crayola markers will help you draw up some fun. As a leader in colorful creativity, Crayola has been providing the tools for thriving imaginations for more than 100 years with their vibrant hued markers for artists of all skill and age levels.

Finding the perfect pieces to encourage the artist in your life begins with knowing a few important factors such as where they'll be used and age or skill level. If you're stuck on how to pick the right set, here are a few things to consider which will help make finding the right ones easy.


There are Crayola markers for artists of all ages, from one to one hundred, but that doesn't mean that each set is created the same. Tiny hands require special tools and that's why there is an entire line of markers designed specifically for their growth and development. Because fine motor skills develop later, a traditional, slim marker may be difficult for little ones to grasp and use easily. My First Crayola markers are made to fit into their hands comfortably and durable enough to withstand their rough and tumble artistic style. As your artist matures so can their markers, from Crayola classics to their Signature line, which are very close to professional art supplies. They're also beautifully packaged and very affordable, compared to what you would find in an art supply store.


Art can be created almost anywhere, but you might have a specific place for creative playtime or need a set specifically for travel. Other times you might choose to set up a whiteboard or walls in a workspace designed for drawing on. Markers aren't particularly messy, but having a dedicated space for all arts and crafts play makes it very special for kids. A dedicated craft space can have room for a 100-count set with a variety of colors and hues. A travel set should be small and easy to manage, not to mention pack, making a 10-count Dual-ended set perfect.

Which Count, Size, and Style to Buy

In more than 100 years of encouraging creativity Crayola has developed markers that are not only great for different ages, they've also created ones for a multitude of specialized, colorful crafts. From quantity to tip size, it's all about knowing which set will be perfect for your 'Picasso's' project.


As you shop, you'll see the word 'count' in describing the sets. This is really just an old-fashioned word that describes the number of markers you'll find in the set.

Crayola makes sets of different sizes, and, as you might guess, the more markers in the set, the more it's going to cost. So how do your figure out which is right for you?

• 8, 10 and 12-count boxes really include all the basic colors. These are often the sizes that are on school supply lists. Kids can do plenty with these, and they're great for coloring and poster-making. They're also good for younger kids who may not have developed very sophisticated color sense yet.

• Larger counts, such as 60 or even 100 markers are designed to give kids the most possible choices. Here's where you'll find all the basics, but plenty of different options for a whole rainbow of creative choices. For kids who are really creative and really love drawing and coloring with the markers, these sets offer seemingly endless creative options. These are also great when a bunch of kids are going to be creating together as there's always something for everyone!

Ultra-Clean Washable

Creativity can be a messy process, but with Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable markers, you can let an imagination run wild without worrying about ruining clothes, couches, or carpets. These markers are stain-free and easily wash off skin and other materials with soap and water, perfect for children and clumsy grown-ups. The washable markers are made with the same high-quality inks, so you don't have to sacrifice color for cleanliness.

Moms especially appreciate these for younger kids who may not be careful colorists or for travel so there's no risk of marking the car. (They also go well to the grandparents' homes and avoid the threat of marker mayhem.)

Color Wonder

Color Wonder is Crayola's mess-free line of art supplies designed for young children. The markers will only work with the special Color Wonder paper, keeping kids, clothes, and furniture truly free of any messes. These markers are great for tiny tots to take anywhere and can be found in travel sets for taking to restaurants or on road trips. This way kids are happily busy, and you don't have to stress about the mess.

Fine Line or Broad Line

Different projects require different tools and that applies to marker tip size. Broad Line tips are great for filling in a larger surface while Fine Line tips are best for details and line work. Choosing the best one depends on how they're going to be used and the personal artistic style and skill level of the artist you're shopping for.

Broad Line markers are good for younger kids to start out with. The larger markers are easy for them to hold and control. As they get older and their coordination improves, they can incorporate Fine Line markers into their coloring. A more adept artist might enjoy a set of Dual-Tipped markers to be able to utilize both Broad and Fine Line tips as needed.

Dry Erase

Easy to color and wipe away, Crayola Dry Erase markers come in fun vibrant colors so that anyone can create, erase, and re-create drawings, schedules, lists, and more. They're such handy tools that Dry Erase boards and markers have even become a popular school supply. But they extend even beyond there to parties where you play Pictionary, among other party games and even the workplace when you're in a meeting.

Specialty Styles

The Crayola marker options don't stop there. There are markers for fabric, windows, and even Silly Scents that have the same vivacious colors and come in delicious scents like blueberry, coconut, and marshmallow. You can add flare to any design with glittery, metallic, and tri-color markers.

Having the right markers for your age and skill level makes all the difference and with all the options Crayola has to offer, there is something for every artist in your life. Just click on any of images above and our reviews and price comparison tool will help you find most marvelous markers for your family for the best price.

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