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Marvel Avengers Infinity War Toy Reviews

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With all the Marvel superheroes under one banner, there's plenty of excitement...and plenty of play. But which ones are right for the young Avengers in your life? Well, you'll have plenty to choose from as virtually all of them assemble in Avengers: Infinity War. And, if you're trying to find the right toys, you're in the right space. All of TTPM's toy reviews are designed to help you make the best choices for your kids. You can choose from action figures, or the increasingly popular role-play toys that let kids become the characters.

When you watch our reviews, you get a realistic description of the toy, best way to play and everything you need to make the choice about how appropriate it is for your child's interests and individual play style. So take a moment, look around, and let us help you become a superhero toy picker!

Marvel Mayhem Card Game

Marvel Mayhem Card Game

from Hasbro $16.99

Marvel United Game

Marvel United Game

from Spin Master $34.99

Finding the Best Superhero Toys for Your Kids

Every child has a unique way of playing all his or her own. And they have favorite characters, especially when it comes to movie toys. That's what makes the Avengers Infinity Wars so popular. Virtually every character in the team is represented: Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Star-Lord, Hulk, Thor, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Gamora, Winter Soldier. The list just goes on and on. And they all come together to defeat the evil Thanos before he can collect all the Infinity Stones and destroy the universe. Let's hope they succeed.

Best of all, each chapter in the series gives kid more inspiration for their own narrative-based play as they bring the characters to life. Here are some of the things to consider when you're shopping for Avengers toys for your kids:

Action Figures—These are ideal for kids to collect and create larger story-based scenes. Of course, kids don't always simply replicate the stories from the movies, and that's a good thing. Rather, they like to create their own scenarios based from their imaginations. That's one of the reasons it's fun to have a collection of action figures, so the stories can get broader and more sophisticated. Oh, and don't forget that sometimes kids like to be the bad guys, too.

Kids shouldn't have all the fun, either. Collectible action figures appeal to adult fans (and even many kids). You can choose from standard sizes or ones with different sound and light features. What's great about almost all action figures made today are that they are all highly detailed and really represent the characters exactly as seen in the movies. Best of all, you'll find this level of detail at all prices so you can easily collect on your budget.

Role-Play Toys—In recent years especially, we've seen more and more kids gravitate towards role-play toys (dress up, weapons, masks, gloves, hands, etc.) than ever before. We think that's because as kids become more excited by and involved in the storylines, they want to become the characters rather than just play with them. This is great, healthy play that lets kids feel confident and powerful.

When kids play with action figure collections they're also learning a lot of other important things such as categorizing, creating hierarchies, understanding differences between characters and processing information. All of these are important skills for school work. But, really, it's mostly about having fun.

Shop for the toys your kids love, and you get all these extra benefits thrown in—all in the context of positive play. So don't wait check out all our Avengers Infinity War toy reviews right now and find the best ones for your kids.

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