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LEGO Batman Toy Reviews

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It takes a team to 'build' a hero, especially one as awesome as LEGO Batman. Becoming a part of this caped crusader's crew is fun and easy when you have video toy reviews to take the guess work out of solving a caper. When you build a Batcave to play out favorite moments between Alfred and Bruce Wayne or construct a Batcopter to chase down Scarecrow, even dressing up as the plastic masked avenger himself to get more into the role. There's no limit to the adventures that you can 'assemble' when you have LEGO Batman toys to inspire fun.

With an entire line of toys based on the popular character who first debuted in the LEGO Movie, finding the perfect set might be overwhelming. That's where we come in. With the help of the video reviews below, you'll learn about each Batman LEGO set's level of difficulty, how much time it takes to construct, and how many hours of playtime to expect after it's built.

 Bane Toxic Truck Attack

Bane Toxic Truck Attack

from LEGO $49.99

LEGO Duplo Batcave Challenge

LEGO Duplo Batcave Challenge

from LEGO $29.99

Which LEGO Batman Set is Right for Your Kid

Riddle me this! How do you find the perfect LEGO Batman toy for your child? You can determine which set will provide the most entertainment for your young builder based on their personal interest and style of play.

If your caped crusader likes more action-based play, they will likely enjoy something that is mobile such as the Batmobile or Catwoman's Catcycle. Larger LEGO sets with lots of active play features like the Batcave and Arkham Asylum are perfect for setting up in a designated play area where the fight for justice goes on long after the building is complete.

After figuring out how your own super hero likes to play - or what would complement his or her collection of LEGO sets - you can begin to narrow down your search by character. Luckily there's never a shortage in this line. The easiest thing to do is ask the person playing who their favorite hero or villain from the series is or watch a few episodes and see who they react most too. Combined with play style and the sets already in the kid's collection of crime fighting gear, you're ready to buy.

Here are some popular LEGO Batman sets that tend to be popular across the board:

• The Joker's Notorious Lowrider LEGO set, includes three minifigures, the Joker, his partner in crime Harley Quinn, and crime fighter Batgirl.

• The LEGO Batman Movie Batmobile set has the movie inspired vehicle, with 2 seats, and 5 minifigures including Batman and Robin. There is also a 1456 piece Ultimate Batmobile that comes with 8 characters and is for more advanced builders

• LEGO Batcave Break-in is an exciting playset with 4 minifigures, the Penguin's Duckmobile, and a highly detailed Batcave.

How to find a deal and save on LEGO Batman

Once you've found the perfect set, the next step is finding the best price. Using our price comparison tool, you'll be able to see where the set you want is available and its current pricing. But finding a deal doesn't stop there. If the set is sold out or hasn't been produced in a couple years, you could always try someone looking to sell theirs or auction it off as a collector's item.

If you're on the hunt for one of these, ever elusive sets, here are a few places to check...

Amazon - not only can you find private sellers and local stores with a retail presence, but they list other sellers for a price comparison to help you find a great deal.

• eBay - when the set is no longer produced, they tend to find their way in pristine condition on eBay. If you find the right auction, you may get an amazing deal.

• Comic and Hero Conventions - wide range of specialized sellers, caters to a community of enthusiasts, these are the perfect place to score rare finds.

The cool thing about LEGO Batman is that it combines two classic play patterns in a great, engaging experience that offers lots of long-term play. Whether you're shopping for collectors edition sets or something for your kids to play with, our reviews and price comparison tool will always be your super-powered side-kick and help you get the right set at the best price.

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