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Black Panther Movie Toy Reviews

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The Marvel Comics superhero first seen in 1966 is making his debut on the big screen in his own movie. He joins the pantheon of favorite characters that include Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and all the Avengers.

And that means he's also the star of an exciting toy line. Marvel toys are renowned for their quality, play value and more and more diversity across different designs - and for different consumers from imaginative kids to adult collectors. Check out the toy reviews below by TTPM, to help you decide which toys is right for you.

Here's where you'll find dramatic action figures, urban vinyl collectibles, role play toys like masks, and, of course, the coolest vehicles.

When you find the Black Panther toys you can't live without, TTPM can help you! Check out the price comparison tool to the right of the video. You'll see exactly what the toy is and who it's best for. Then click through to buy easily and quickly! See all the toys from the movie below.

Marvel Mayhem Card Game

Marvel Mayhem Card Game

from Hasbro $16.99

Black Panther XPV R/C Stealth Cruiser

Black Panther XPV R/C Stealth Cruiser

from Jakks Pacific $24.95

Marvel Toybox Black Panther

Marvel Toybox Black Panther

from shopDisney $12.95

Black Panther Figurine Set

Black Panther Figurine Set

from shopDisney $14.95

Vibranium Black Panther Figure

Vibranium Black Panther Figure

from Hasbro $9.99

How to Select the Right Black Panther Toy

When a Marvel Comics hero makes his or her screen debut, you know there are going to be amazing toys to go along with it. That's certainly the case with Black Panther. Black Panther aka T'Challa, becomes king of the technologically advanced African kingdom of Wakanda when his father dies, and he comes home to rule. Soon he's drawn into a battle that threatens not just his kingdom but the whole world - and his powers as king and Black Panther are put to the test.

Like the best of these movies, the filmmakers have provided a storyline that can inspire all kinds of creative, positive play. Finding the right toy from the movie can continue the experience and inspire your little superheroes to use their imaginations in expansive and healthy ways.

Here are just a few ways kids can play with Black Panther - and the benefits.

Black Panther Action Figures And Vehicles

Action figures help kids imagine themselves in the midst of, you guessed it, the action. Through re-enacting the narrative of a movie, or creating their own stories, this is very empowering play. Black Panther has to overcome all kinds of challenges, and while they may be a little bit more dramatic than what kids experience in their own lives, the thrill of being a hero - even vicariously - is reinforcing for kids.

As a Black character, Black Panther can be reinforcing as well and reflects the diversity kids see around them in the world and that parents and educators are eager to encourage. Don't think this is important? Well, consider entrepreneur Jason Mayden, president of Super Heroic and a former Nike designer. He was inspired to pursue his career by the character Lucius Fox in the Batman comics, and he went on to design Nike's Air Jordan, the most successful sneaker of all time.

You'll probably find that your kids will mix up all their action figures - even mixing up DC Comics Heroes with their Marvel favorites. Even if that's not the way the studios intended, kids are in control when it comes to play, and the more characters they bring together, the more inventive and powerful their stories become.

Vehicles and action figures function together, at least in inspiring imagination because this play is all about the ways in which kids can make up their own stories, adventures and eventually their lives.

Black Panther Collectibles

Because Black Panther is just appearing in the movies for the first time, collectors will be especially interested in the collectible action figures that are just making their first appearances. Especially for those looking for Marvel Comics figures, these will take their place beside Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America and all the Avengers.

For adult collectors, detail is very important. Fortunately, in recent years advances in design and sculpting have meant that even the most basic figures have lots of detail. Plus, collectors will be interested in different series, such as figures based on the movie or based solely on the comic.

When you're buying for a collector, it's great to know his or her preference, such as whether there's a specific type of figure - movie or comic or TV - they like.

You can also look at other forms. In recent years, urban vinyl-style collectibles are abstract interpretations of characters. The design is consistent across the different figures, so all figures from Funko, for example, will have a similar look.

For kids, collecting is a great and beneficial play pattern. In addition to being a celebration of fandom, collecting helps kids with basic skills such as categorizing, creating hierarchies of information and understanding inter-relationships between different elements of a collection. Believe it or not, this reinforces the development of analytical thinking, which will come in very useful later on. Collecting also helps build social skills as kids share their interests with others. And it bears repeating: it's fun.

Black Panther is just the latest character to offer all this exciting play. Find the toys that are great for you or the kid (big or small) in your life here. Scroll back up, and start shopping!

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